Odour Control and Wheelie Bin Cleaning – a match made in heaven!

You won’t be too surprised to know that the Wheelie Bin Cleaning man started their life over a decade ago, simply cleaning wheelie Bins in and around Melbourne! However it wasn’t long after that, Odour Control became a key service offering by Wheelie Bin Cleaning Man, the reason behind this is the close correlation between Wheelie Bin Cleaning and Odour Control – particuarly when it comes to multi-res apartment building and commercial spaces.

If you have ever managed a commercial space, you will know that commercial spaces come with commercial odours, it isn’t enough to simply clean the wheelie bins in the bin room, you need to clean the entire bin room! This is why the Wheelie Bin Cleaning man created its offsider company – the Odour Control Man.

The Odour Control Man was created to compliment the services of the Wheelie Bin Cleaning Man by providing a comprehensive Odour Control solution to ensure that the bin area of a commercial or Multi Res property not only adheres to basic hygeine regulations pertaining to Odours, but also to ensure that customers attending that commercial property are not turned off by ghastly bin smells!

If you have any queries with regards to Wheelie Bin Cleaning Mans Odour Control Solutions, please feel free to contact us on 1300 800 621 – or email sales@wbcm-aust.com.au

Alternatively, if you would like to purchase any of the commercial grade products that Wheelie Bin Cleaning Man’s Odour Control Solutions has created, you can click here:

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