May 15, 2016

About Wheelie Bin Cleaning Man

Wheelie Bin Cleaning Man continues to be the market leader in Bin Cleaning.

A Wheelie Bin Cleaning that beats the rest! Change: We clean all domestic, commercial and industrial bins and onsite cleaning of compactors.

Our cleaning and odour control process tackles bin hygiene in the most convenient, affordable and environmentally friendly way that includes; Hot water high pressure cleaning, disinfecting and deodorising of bins.

We supply our own clean water on site and remove all waste water, there is no drainage necessary on site.

We also provide cleaning for Front and Rear Lift bins.

Front lift containers are hygienically cleaned with Hot wash pressure clean, disinfected, and deodorised and waste water is transferred to truck.

All front lift bins receive an odour control foaming in and around the bin to change the environment that can deter pest and insects to the area.

Wheelie Bin Cleaning Man uses only degradable and citrus base cleaning products.


• Improved hygiene and odour control
• Removes dangerous bacteria and fungi build-up

What is Wheelie Bin Cleaning and Why do I need it?

Bins are used by all Australians on a daily basis for the removal of a multitude of waste products. If not cleaned properly and regularly by a professional wheelie bin cleaning service, like Wheelie Bin Cleaning Man, the build up of bacteria and germs from this waste will eventually cause a number of issues, such as:

• Exposing your family to harmful and dangerous bacteria
• Causing unwanted smells in and around your bin area
• Increases in pests and vermin in your household The Wheelie Bin Cleaning Man is a service that comes to your door

Our service will leave your bin smelling great and clear of any harmful bacteria or germs.