July 27, 2016

Benefits of Waste Chute Cleaning

Hygienic Waste Chute Systems form a very important part of a well maintained building. Regular cleaning and odour control of the waste chute systems are essential to maintaining healthy hygiene standards.

Waste Chute Cleaning Man has developed an odour control and cleaning process that will maintain healthy hygiene standards in and around your waste chute area.

Waste Chute Cleaning Man services residential and corporate high rise waste chutes, incorporating a high pressure cleaning, environmentally friendly waste chute cleaning process. The process includes cleaning of waste chute doors, barrel of the waste chute and also importantly bottom of the waste chute which can also include the compactor. Our specially designed Odour Control Foaming of the bin room ensures the odour is eliminated from the bin room.

The inclusion of our specialised Odour Control Man products in and around your waste chute system will ensure an odour free and bacteria free environment.