May 15, 2016

The Benefits of Odour Control

An odour within a confined area, either commercial, office or home can have a strong effect on the way we enjoy that area. Studies over decades have proven that the effects of odour have a vast and long lasting effect – both positive and negative on our emotions and frame of mind.

The Odour Control Pods work in two ways. 

  • First, they absorb moisture and the microbes that move around in the air.  Once absorbed into the pod, the microbes will be eliminated. (in smaller areas, the reduction in moisture will also inhibit the growth of bacteria)
  • Second, and most importantly to the health system, the oils are released from the pod into the air as a micro mist, it cannot be seen.  They will stay suspended in air for several hours.  Any microbe that the oils contact will be killed by the oil mixture.
  • The oil mixture will then settles onto surfaces and kill any microbes it comes into contact with on these surfaces.  The surfaces include walls, floors, bench tops, taps, as well as the hard to get places for cleaning which can act as “reservoirs” for the microbes.

The Vapour Odour Eliminator (VOE) system works by releasing the oil mixture into the air and circulates the air through the fan unit and absorbs the moisture in the air. It is not a spray system, it works on a vapour system so no chemical spray is distributed into the air.

  • What occurs over time is that with continued application and release of the oils and air circulation, the environmental load of microbial pathogens will be reduced.  The reduction of the amount of microbes will reduce the odour in the air.

The Science of Our Technology

The patented design of the technology ensures continued and on- going odour control. The technology behind our system was initiated over 25 years ago. The scientist who was eventually credited with the invention became fascinated when he observed that when essential oils were diffused into the environment, emissions and odours were reduced. Inspired by this finding, further evidence showed that the odours were not just masked but permanently removed. The result was a set of specialized formulations that neutralize a wide spectrum of organic and inorganic odour problems efficiently and permanently. These patented formulations have been scientifically engineered to be environmentally safe. Manufactured under strict quality controls, the components of our systems are generally recognized as common in the food and odour industry and have a long history of safety throughout the world.

The following institutions have successfully used Odour Control Man products:

Westfield Shopping Centres Colonial First State Shopping Centre Vicinity Shopping Centres GPT Shopping Centres
Freshwater Place Apartments Warringal Shopping Centre Melbourne Private Hospital Melbourne QV
Origin Energy Building DFO South Wharf Epworth Hospital City Of Melbourne
Parkmore Shopping CentrE Tarneit Skies Retirement Village Southern Cross Aged Care Allity – Medina Manor Retirement

Applications for Odour Control Products

Gyms  Spas Vet Surgeries  Drying Rooms 
Toilets Wardrobes Commercial bins Garbage Areas
Cars Shoe Cupboards High Rise Waste Chutes Aged care facilities
Laundry Elevators Organic Bins Cat Litter
Pet rooms Bin Rooms and Areas Offices Fridges
Under sink bins Household Bins Smokers Areas Teenagers’ Rooms